The drummer has gone mad

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Earlier this week a very good friend of mine (and proprietor of the fine blog Meditations Hegeliènnes) forwarded along to me this short, old essay by William Marias Malisoff, “On Having a Philosophy,” with the thought that I might appreciate it as  much as he. Why, yes, my friend! It is as delightful as it is true, a twinning we should relish whenever given the opportunity.

An excerpt:

No matter how successful, thought seems to remain a perpetually unfinished symphony. If ever it shows signs of being finished, it is because of our hope that it is limited to a finite number of themes. At least some themes stand out–and the convinced philosopher is apparently one who has selected or invented a theme with which he is lovingly in love, and on which he pays endless fugues. The world is the interpretative dance to his intellectual composition. His disciples assist in the orchestration. Occasionally the melody is drowned by a frightful din–the drummer has gone mad.

Oh, I do love a mad drummer.


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