September 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

I don’t as yet have a proper blogroll. Maybe eventually. For the time being, in these early days, I think I prefer linking directly within posts.

With that in mind, I only just today discovered Tom Clark’s gorgeous blog, Beyond the Pale. If you do not know of it, remedy that now. You will be rewarded.

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  • tom clark says:

    Thanks very much for the quiet shout, Brad.

    Disease may well be a conviction, as indeed, conviction well may be a disease.

    An artist without conviction would perhaps be too healthy for art’s own good. Might the solitary art of the voyeur offer an aesthetic solution to the problem posed by Zeno?

    Absent-minded Window-gazing — an innocuously transgressive end-run around the alleged bliss of licensed wedlock?

  • Brad Johnson says:

    Tom, I love that post. It was the first thing of yours I’d read, but surely not the last.

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