I groaned, I tasted blood, I cowered

October 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

A few days away.

I’ve never actually blogged so consistently for so long. A few days, I think I can forgive myself that. Oh, but penance, always penance, recompense, if the economic language is preferred to ecclesial, is necessary. Thus: a perverse reading, though one with an adequate comeuppance, so bear with its initial violence, from John Hawkes’ delightful if disturbed novel, Travesty.

§ 4 Responses to I groaned, I tasted blood, I cowered

  • Brad Johnson says:

    Sorry about the length of this. I knew it would be a bit longer than normal, but I had no idea it would clock in at twenty minutes.

  • tom clark says:

    Flying in the face of the standard two-second tweet visit-length is a heroic act, in and of itself.

    Here’s to stretching out, while we yet (attempt to) live…

  • Brad Johnson says:

    Yes, I suppose that is probably true. What I like about your blog, and what I attempt to do here as well, is craft a space that rewards — ideally, anyway — return visits, even if the content itself hasn’t changed. Which is to say, I’m not interested in providing much in the way of ever-changing commentary or cleverness, both of which seem incumbent on speed, of production & consumption. Somebody (somebody you know, actually, a former student, I believe) said to me the other day, “blogs are stupid,” and on this point I could not agree more. But only because they’ve tended toward a rapid-fire sort of vapid breathlessness, which too often becomes a platform to defend most vehemently that which one has thought about the least.

  • tom clark says:


    There is nothing more wonderful than the superior disdain toward blogging exhibited by those who would

    (1) be unable to manage starting a blog themselves; or

    (2) having managed to start one, and thus after a very short time recognized the curious ability of the universe to not take notice, give over the exercise; and then

    (3) return to the pose of disdainful superiority, which is much easier to maintain.

    This has all the symptoms of stupidity.

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