We will be here a while.

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

An open email I sent to Oakland Mayor Quan after (a) reading her bizarre letter to the Occupants and (b) watching her come out to speak and then flee back inside City Hall upon not being received with open arms.

* * *

Dear Mayor Quan,

You apologize? Really? Do you seriously believe this is sufficient? Did nobody ever tell you, a mother or a father, a kind uncle, a teacher somewhere along the way, or even a legal adviser you opted to ignore, “Sometimes ‘sorry’ is not enough.” Sometimes, rather, it takes time, and during that time it requires effort. Thus far, since your return from D.C. — how was that, by the way? did you get the funds for more police? — you’re efforts have been somewhere indistinguishably between half-hearted & dim-witted. Where you have tried to act at all, at last night’s press conference & tonight’s embarrassingly coy cat & mouse with the GA, you’ve ended up only stalling.

Do you know what would’ve been classy on your part? Just an idea: coming down to the candlelight vigil & owning up to what your police force did. We took our lumps, you take yours. I promise you, those boos and hisses you just heard, they hurt a lot less than the tear gas and rubber bullets your police force fired at us. Perhaps you might reconsider your retreat, regroup like we did in the streets of your fair city, and give it another try. We will be here a while.

Yes. it will be difficult to sell a crowd on your sincerity at this point, but that’s just how honesty & dignity sometimes works. Your avoidance at every turn thus far explains why every shred of yours is fading in our eyes daily. How are they looking from your vantage point, I wonder? Will your next Facebook status update us on this, or will we need to wait for another statement on city stationary?

Looking forward to your response,

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