She is a study of lines

December 8, 2011 § 7 Comments

§ 7 Responses to She is a study of lines

  • Brad Johnson says:

    WordPress did not make it easy getting all this on the page as I wanted. I suspected I would have problems w/ the photos; less so w/ indenting lines of poetry.

    As for the photos . . . I was quite startled at the symmetry between the images. I’d been slightly obsessed w/ that evening in Santa Cruz, overwhelmed by all the lines, like one of Paul Klee’s line drawings, and was not entirely sure why I thought of this photo when I stood before Woodman’s over the weekend. Until, that is, I rotated the one I’d taken.

  • aditya bahl says:

    What images and what a juxtaposition!
    ‘respecting not the contested borders of being’

  • tom clark says:


    Marvelous post, and, like the ocean, mysterious in its depths; particularly as concerns the speculative history beneath the surface of the images. How many months, weeks, days, nights, hours were left of FW’s life when that photo was made?

    And speaking of poetic mysteries, how in the world did you get the ocean to stand on its head like that?

    When Tom tumbled fathoms deep, he learned that there were many things in the world which he had never heard of.


    And this is another, and he is humbled once more (at this stage, to truly witness almost anything is to be humbled).

  • Brad Johnson says:

    at this stage, to truly witness almost anything is to be humbled — to this I say, yes, truly, yes. That is truer than anything else I’ve heard in a while.

    I originally had designs on a longer poem, & perhaps one day still, but I do like how this turned out.

  • tom clark says:

    I, too, like it. Esp. “…the movements that conduct…”

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