Shall I Finish This?

May 15, 2012 § 7 Comments

I don’t typically share dreams, but this morning’s was so peculiar and had such a shocking climax that it is necessary to do so. As happens with dreams, there are many gaps. I’ll try to avoid filling them in with my own creative elaborations.

I don’t fully recall the set up, but at some point I received a telegram (a telegram!) from some figure far away instructing me to appear before him … that he had news for me. Details here are hazy, but I recall a lot of wind and rain en route. I traveled alone, and if there were adventures had along the way, I’ve since forgotten them. Upon arrival I entered a dark room that smelled of dust, and there was a man sitting behind a desk with a stack of papers. After some administrative pomp and circumstances, various formalities of ‘thanks for coming,’ he proceeded to tell me that he was refusing me a job for which I had not even applied (about which, even, I didn’t even know). He hates to report bad news by telegram, he added, thus the invitation to meet him face to face.I guess I was stunned silent, which he interpreted as cause to explain the rationale for his decision. To this end, he revealed a stack of pages, and began reading. It was something I’d written — or something like I’d write. I don’t recall which, or what it was, but in the dream I knew it was mine. He finished a brief excerpt and said, without malice, “This is just not good enough.” At this, a woman emerged from a door I hadn’t yet noticed. My host rose, startled, because he saw she was carrying a baseball bat, which she proceeded to use without comment or ceremony to strike him behind the knees. As he fell, striking his head on the desk, the papers scattered, she raised the bat and looked my way, which I interpreted as her asking, “Shall I finish this?” To which I say: “Oh, but what if he has a job for me next week?!” That’s when I awoke.

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