Your boy . . . he’s showing his pecker off.

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

—Gale, he’s done it again!

Unsure whether he had stepped in or lied on the freshly smeared shit he smelled, R. was nevertheless aware of the cruel metaphor his situation had become.

—Mama, it’s fine, he didn’t do anything wrong.

—Your boy . . . Her voice was carried away by a plane overhead.

A screen door crashed open against the front of a house ahead of a front door slamming closed.

—He did what now?

—Your boy . . . he’s showing his pecker off.

—Oh, Jesus Christ. H___ J____! Get your butt back home now.


—Get inside, M.-A. I’ll deal with you later.

—I know you can hear me! If you’re hiding, I better not be the one to find you.

Still within the weeds, R. did not understand what the big deal was, though he had a sense of its enormity, which was no doubt as large as M. P., who as she had rounded the corner of the garage saw her daughter crouched before him belt high, head cocked to the side in a gesture of curiosity, studying him as though in preparation for an exam. R. could not recall if she had so much as touched it, what with M. bursting on the scene the way she did. M. rarely needed an excuse to curse R. or shoo him away from her daughter, but this time it seemed as though she was reciting something she had memorized for just such an occasion. “Bastard,” “cock,” and “kill” were the three words he remembered while dodging, only just, the backhanded swing of her right arm and flailing jab of her left-cross, along with a monotone “Is that it?” as turned to run but tripped instead, on account of the jeans bunched around his ankles. After steadying herself for a moment against the garage, M. bull-rushed R., who was clearly exceeding the limits of his adolescent muscle coordination by trying to stand, run, and hike up his pants all at the same time. He may not have at that moment managed any of the three had it not been for M. landing an unintentionally well-placed kick that lifted his pants and launched him forward into a dead run through her vegetable garden.

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