Eripitur persona, manet res

September 25, 2013 § 2 Comments

Death meets us everywhere and is procured by every instrument and in all chances, and enters in at many doors: by violence and secret influence, by the aspect of a star and the stink of a mist, by the emissions of a cloud and the meeting of a vapor, by the fall of a chariot and the stumbling at a stone, by a full meal or an empty stomach, by watching at the wine or by watching at prayers, by the sun or the moon, by a heat or a cold, by sleepless nights or sleeping days, by water frozen into the hardness and sharpness of a dagger, or water thawed into the floods of a river, by a hair or a raisin, by violent motion or sitting still, by severity or dissolution, by God’s mercy or God’s anger, by everything in providence and everything in manners, by everything in nature, and everything in chance. Eripitur persona, manet res [The person is snatched away, the goods remain]; we take pains to heap up things useful in our life and get our death in the purchase . . . .

— Rev. Jeremy Taylor, from The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying [1651]

§ 2 Responses to Eripitur persona, manet res

  • kudzu says:

    Thanks for the always pithy and cleverly timed posts. This one really spoke to me.

    Found you via the Itself some years ago and love dropping in here. Sorry I never manage to join the book events over there but i’m stuck in this spin cycle diffraction grating thing, which may or not be related to the fact that the occasional cryptic comment is all the blog police will let fly.

    peace, love and logos from a cyber-hippie!

    • Brad says:

      The blog police are fairly lazy in this outpost of the AUFS universe. Feel free to comment here, however cryptically. If it doesn’t resemble spam or outright abuse, all should be fine.

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