“triangle of modest jubilation”

March 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

I am thoroughly enjoying Cees Nooteboom’s recent translated collection of poems, Light Everywhere, and suspect many of you may as well.

From “the deception of seeing”:

They are monks

in the service of my


never again

will the colors

leave their posts.
I am their




with my single-



my prized



From “Wallace Stevens”:

For you, no dream between
poetry and reality,
you rejected the story
of the sun as a god
that eclipsed the sun itself,
that was just a seduction, fuss and bother,
abduction from this sole existence,
this one time, here, now,
on the coincidental planet.

You were heavy of body, heavy in your slow and driving
fluent verse, and yet,
hoyo, roucou, tom-tom
Canon Aspirin and Nanzia Nunzio
hoobla, hoobla, how
with your French frills
between the sections,
triangle of modest jubilation
around the continuous bass
of the meditative bumblebee.

Your law is marble:
your highest fabrication,
writ line by buzzing line
your mundo for you alone,
now ours,
reality, always dressed
in a different thought
and only whole as a poem.

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