like a honeymoon suite

April 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

Autumn fell into winter quicker than the leaves to the ground,
shaken from trees by a seasonable urgency like few could recall.

Winds that had upturned collars and hiked skirts outside shops
broke branches in the park as a bully might twiggy arms.

A pop overhead, and you had time to run for cover;
a crack, just a moment to curse.

Earth and leaf were chased in circles,
until they mound in heaps along walls and fences.

Office windows shut fast rattled erratically in their frames,
sounding an unscored composition unfit for dance.

But the city, from top to toe,
it swayed,

and the homes,
they moaned and creaked,

like a honeymoon suite.

§ One Response to like a honeymoon suite

  • jdmb says:

    Thanks for sharing a contemplation of winter. The winter here in Illinois inspired me to some poetry also. Seems the only way to deal with the visceral way it is carried on.

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