“may Renascent gods save us from the enigmatic Penetralia of Firstness”

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Giovanni Franchi

By Mina Loy

The threewomen who all walked
In the same dress
And it had falling ferns on it
Skipped parallel
To the progress
Of Giovanni Franchi


Giovanni Franchi’s wrists flicked
Flickeringly as he flacked them
His wrists explained things
Infectiously by way of his adolescence
His adolescence was all there was of him
Whatever was left was rather awkward
His adolescence tuned to the tops of trees
Descended to the fallacious nobility
Of his first pair of trousers


They were tubular      flapped friezily
The color of coppered mustard
What matter
Were they not the first
No others could ever be the first again
The ferns on the flounces of the threewomen
Began fading as she thought of it
Tea table problems for insane asylyms
Are démodé

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“But Gloria was one of those who exhaust modes of being in bursts of emptiness–“

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I can’t totally put my finger on why, but this short, I would imagine incomplete, short story/character study by Mina Loy has totally captured my imagination this week, and I wanted to set it into words.

“Gloria Gammage,” by Mina Loy

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